Choosing the right pet for a child should never be taken lightly. Too often parents purchase animals that are poorly suited to being pets for children. Many of these animals are taken to shelters or abandoned in the wild when the parents discover that the animals are unsafe for children, don’t enjoy being handled, or just require too much upkeep for the family to handle.

Being well-informed about the needs and behaviors of potential choices is vital to picking a good pet for a child. Choosing an animal that is well-suited to being a pet is important for the health, safety, and happiness of both the child and the pet. This site hopes to provide the information you need to make the right decisions for your family’s needs.

What Makes A Pet Good For Children?

While many factors go into choosing a pet, we consider the three following traits to be the most important. The best pets for kids will be the ones that score highly in all three areas.

  • Safety: Is the animal safe for children to be around and to handle? Some animals are likely to bite, scratch, or sting. Others are docile, but may be carrying high levels of dangerous pathogens that can make children sick. This is the one are where you should never compromise.
  • Care Required: Is the child ready to handle the responsibility of feeding, cleaning up after, and otherwise caring for the animal? This may be irrelevant if the responsibility for care is being handled by the parents, but it is very important if the child is actually going to be the pet’s primary caregiver.
  • Sociability: Will the animal tolerate being handled in the way the child really wants to handle it? Many animals that people commonly think of as being kid’s pets really don’t like being picked up or petted, and some very small pets are just too delicate to be handled safely by young children.

We have assembled information on numerous kinds of animals, and have given our opinion on how well they are suited to being raised as pets by children. Simply select the animal you are considering from the navigation pane on the left side of the site for detailed information, including requirements for its feeding and care.

Please Make Adoption Your First Choice

Sadly, many people purchase pets without being ready for the responsibility of taking care of them. As a result, a tragic number of animals wind up in animal shelters through no fault of their own. Please, always check your local shelters for an adoptable animal before buying one from a breeder or a pet store. Do your part to make the world a better place for pets.